SNOW WHITE and the SEVEN DWARFS - the panto



Oh no it isn't, oh yes it is .... it's panto-time with the fairest panto of them all! And this season BATS takes you on the whirlwind adventure of Snow White, her stepmother the glamorous killer queen, Dolly and Danny Dumpling, the wicked woodsmen Stinkwort and Bogswort, and Prince Frederick.
Find out how this magical fairytale comes to life, who the 7 dwarfs are, and what twists and turns take you for a spin...
FOR SCHOOLS: Request your educational package (background info,reading/writing/speaking exercises) and include this topic in your lessons.

Organisatie BATS vzw 2000
Waar Toon kaart Theater 't Eilandje
Kattendijkdok-Westkaai 16
2000 Antwerpen
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Prijs € 16
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BATS vzw 2000

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